About Us

Our Approach

We are all young African entrepreneurs. We believe in the potentials of our continent and its people. Most of us are digital natives, and those who are not, rely on those who are to meet the challenges of this accelerating transformation of the way enterprises are run, services are offered and business is done.  We believe that digitisation will help transform agriculture and other sectors, and fundamentally the way we work, interact, and learn. Our Vision is an Africa which is ‘attractive’, ‘transparent’ and ‘worth investing in’. Fundamentally #TheAfricaWeWant, harbouring and expressing #TheTalentWeHave.

Our Story

In June 2018, we, executives from 11 African startups met in Accra, Ghana during an ‘experience capitalisation workshop’ organised by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA). Purpose of the gathering was to analyse the experience we gained over a period of more than a year in launching drone operations in a series of African countries. We soon realised the extensive and diverse experiences each of us was harbouring in the digitisation domain, from the development and deployment of a range of mobile applications to remote sensed imagery acquired via both satellite or unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Some of us featured experiences in the use of digital solutions to support conservation efforts in protected areas, others to perform data analytics or help enterprises monitor infrastructure, real estate development, and oil and gas operations.

The idea to form a pan-African industry association of digital operators offering among others UAS-based services, was launched by Dr Abdelaziz Lawani, CEO of Global Partners in Benin, and Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University in the USA. Participants in the workshop endorsed the proposal, and decided to group and form a body where individual enterprise assets could coalesce and result in powerful synergies, with the shared objective of accelerating the digital transformation of Africa.

In October 2019, Africa Goes Digital Inc was Incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Delaware, USA. 

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