Services offered by our members

UAS-based advisory

We provide UAS-based advisory to both large- and small-scale farmers in Africa. We do flybys and collect crucial data about the crop being planted and the soil. This data is processed and analysed to provide actionable information to the farmer.

Decision Support Systems

We develop Decision Support Systems (DSS) that involves the use of drone captured data together with various parameters. This data is processed and analysed to generate rapid maps and advice to the farmer.

Fertiliser management

Fertiliser management is crucial component in making sure a farmer applies the correct dosage at specified intervals of time. This saves on costs of input and also ensures that the acidic levels of the soil are right enough to avoid soil degradation. We use drones to collect data that when analysed, a farmer is given a prescription map to guide him/her on the right fertiliser dosage for his/her crop.

Crop yield estimation

Estimation of harvest is crucial, especially to crop insurance companies. We generate different correlation models using drone data that help us predict the expected yield of a crop. We also use specialised algorithms that are able to automatically count crops from UAV imagery. Crop yield estimation data is also crucial to agribusinesses who would like to forecast trends in their production.

Crop monitoring

In the wake of global warming and climate change, crops are exposed to unpredictable weather and climatic patterns that will affect their growth. We offer crop monitoring services to scout for crop disease, crop health, pest infestation etc. We use Near Infrared sensors that are able to detect crop stress days before the human eye is able to detect the same. With this data, a farmer is able to act fast to provide a remedy to the failing crop.

Topographical mapping

Topographical maps are used in different fields from civil engineering to urban and regional planning and real estate development. We process UAV imagery to generate orthomosaics that are later used as base maps to digitize features eventually producing digital topographical maps for the end user.

Inspection surveys

Utilities are huge investments and they need to be maintained and inspected frequently to extend their lifespan. Our quadcopter drones are well-suited for inspecting utilities like high transmission power lines, wind turbines, silos, pipelines, cell phone towers etc. We also have thermal sensors that can be used to detect electrical faults and leakages.

Cultural Heritage Conservation

Historical sites are part of our DNA and they remind us of where we came from. Some of these sites are disintegrating with time and it is crucial to preserve them for the future generations to come. Using LiDAR and camera sensors, we are able to capture metric data can be used to generate an accurate 3D model of a site. This model can be used as a reference when reconstructing a damaged site.

Mining and Quarry aggregates

The mining and quarrying sectors are in need of automating their operations to make them more efficient. Traditional survey techniques have been proven to be slow and unsafe. Drone aerial surveys are fast and expose the surveyor to less dangers in the field. We use drone flyby to collect topographical data about mining and quarrying sites that can be used to accurately calculate volumes of stockpiles, redesigning routes, monitor the green environment etc.

Corridor Mapping

With our specialised sensors, we are able to perform corridor mapping for facilities and infrastructures like pipelines and roads for design purposes.

UAS Training

The applications of UAS are immense and we believe it’s an emerging sector that will employ more youth. Moreover, we believe that it’s a technology that will interest the youth and make farming more attracting to them thereby reducing rural to urban migration. We offer customized UAS training to would be drone operators, instructors and pilots.

UAV regulation advisory

UAV regulations in Africa are still under the development phases. Out of the 54 African countries, less than 30% have regulations in place. We offer drone regulation advice to countries setting up the regulations. We have a team comprising of members with vast experience in drone operations.

Research and Development

We conduct research on the potential application areas of drones. We also collect data that can be used by research institutes for development.

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