Eligibility criteria

If you as legal representative of your company, are interested in joining Africa Goes Digital either as a normal or premium member your company / organisation needs to meet the criteria listed below. You can apply by completing this questionnaire and by submitting a number of documents (coming soon). A committee will evaluate your application [1].  If your application is accepted, a manager and technical staff of your organisation will be invited for an interview (remote).  Acceptance as a Member or Premium Member of the association will depend on the outcome of the interview and the payment of the annual fees. Accepted members will have to sign a non disclosure agreement and commit to adhere to a professional code of conduct. 

Eligibility Criteria

Premium Member Member
Be a legally established entity in an African country (evidence of the establishment)
As a company, have at least three years of experience in providing digitalisation services and at least one year in providing drone-related services  
As a company, provide and / or develop digital services (including UAS services)
Have at least 3 staff members (including management) on long-term contract  
Have at least one staff at managerial level who has a B.Sc. degree or equivalent, OR as alternatives a strong track record with business achievements of more than 1 million USD / financial year, OR the organisation employing more than 10 staff on a long term basis  
Have at least one staff having a legitimate drone pilot license or in the process of obtaining one (evidence required)
Own at least two fully functioning professional drones, one with multispectral sensor and a second one with RGB and / or thermal sensors OR
two with high resolution RGB sensors
own at least one spraying drone
Own at least one fully functioning professional drone with sensor  
Willingness to pay the annual membership fees 

[1] The outcome of the assessment is confidential and will not be shared with the applicant and no justification will be provided if an application is rejected

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