What are the benefits for members?

Benefits to members and followers are spelled out here.

How do we apply for membership in the association?

You are welcome to join. First check the eligibility criteria.

What are eligibility criteria for membership?

Follow this link.

Where are current members located?

Members of the AfGD association are located in 21 countries in Africa as shown on the map below:

What are the association’s yearly membership fees?

Follow this link.

How can I join the association?

In order to become member of Africa Goes Digital (AfGD), applicant organisations have to undertake a number of steps leading to an assessment. The first step consists in completing a questionnaire. Thereafter AfGD will contact the applicant requesting evidence of some of the information you provided. In case supplied evidence will meet AfGD expectations, representatives of the organisation (a manager and a technical staff) will be invited for an online interview. The assessment of the applicant company will lead to either it been accepted as a “Member” or “Premium Member” or rejected.