AfGoesDigital presence at EXCO 2019 in Rome, Italy

Next week (15-17 May 2019) we will be in Rome attending and exposing at the the EXCO 2019 in Rome, Italy. Our booths will be at the CTA Village (C12, Pavilion 7, Fiera di Roma). Thanks to CTA for supporting our participation.

Visit the EXCO 2019 (free entrance) and meet the following AfGoesDigital partners:

GeoRisk Afric Sarl, Sénégal
GeoRisk Afric is a company that offers services on Geographic Information System, Disaster Risk Management, Environment Impact Assessment and decision support services on agriculture, health, coastal erosion, land cover

Maptech Ltd., Kenya
Maptech offers services in topographical surveys, digital mapping, GIS, aerial surveys, remote sensing, land surveys, urban planning and UAS-based advisory to farmers

Global Partners Sarl, Benin
Global Partners develops and provides expert digital solutions for agriculture, land use planning, infrastructures inspection, surveillance, and conservation of natural resources. We also provide tailored training to professional in different sectors

SecureFarmer, Nigeria
SecureFarmer develops sustainable farming communities by deploying the most suitable mechanical and digital technology for smallholder farmers. We lease land, provide input and mechanization credit powered by UAV and AI.

AcquahMeyer Drone Tech Ltd., Ghana
We provides total crop/pest management solution using the drone technology. Our drones apply pesticides efficiently and effectively avoiding human contact and pollution. We have drones for bird repelling and also for plant and soil analysis.

Ziongate Geospatial and Research Services Ltd., Ghana
ZGRS Ltd offers best in class GIS, Remote Sensing and drone-based solutions in Agriculture (Precision Agriculture), Land Use Planning, Land Management, Surveying (Cartography), Research, Construction and Energy.

Grassland Cameroon Ltd., Cameroon
Grassland Cameroon Ltd. is leveraging innovative financial tools, extension services, and UAS data services to empower farmers to compete on a global stage.

CLIN Sarlu (eAgribusiness), Togo
E-AGRIBUSINESS is a market place for farmer and also Agricultural Information System for farmer which help farmer to found new customer for their product and supplier information in weather forecast, identification in the value chain by constructing trust environment and facilitate access to finance and assurance